Iliotibial band syndrome

Iliotibial Band Syndrome or ITBS is a common overuse injury especially among runners, hikers, cyclists and weight lifters. The Iliotibial Band is a band of fascia that runs from the pelvis over the lateral aspect of hip and inserting below the knee to the tibia. ITBS is caused by the friction of the ITB band repeatedly rubbing over the lateral femoral condyle during flexion and extension of the knee. The symptoms of ITBS usually start with a painful sensation along the ITB especially just superior to the knee during or just post activity. The symptoms typically progress to swelling and thickening of the ITB above knee or along the lateral aspect of the knee. This often leads to miss diagnosis of the condition as a knee condition. Here at Back to Back Chiropractic, in San Jose, we strive to ensure this condition is diagnosed correctly often this is simply by bending the knee to 45° and checking for pain which is indicative of ITBS rather than a knee complaint. This can also often be confirmed by an MRI which will show the swelling and thickening of the band. Once you chiropractor in San Jose, has diagnosed your condition treatment can begin. This will start with rest, side stretches ice and heat along with kinesio tape applied to reduce inflammation. Treatment will then progress to use of the cold laser, muscle stim and foam rolling along with manipulation. If we catch your condition early enough this is likely all the treatment you will need. However, if the condition remains persistent a cortisone shot may be considered as a last resort ITB surgical release and mobilization can be done.

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