5 Things Your San Jose Chiropractor Doesn’t Want you to do

Posted on: 05 July, 2019

There are certain daily life activities that chiropractors feel are harmful to our health. Various lower back pain chiropractors from San Jose recommend their patients to avoid such tasks. Through this blog post, we have also listed them.

Using smartphone for hours
This is something every health professional will advise you to be wary of. Isn’t it shocking that bend the head to look at your smartphone puts up to 60 pounds of pressure on the spine? Take some time to stretch by putting down the device.

Sitting for an entire day
A lot of individuals experience discomfort and pain due to sitting for long durations. To maintain proper posture, a lumbar support pillow is beneficial. Refrain from sitting in one position for more than 30-50 minutes.

Sleeping improperly
Choose a medium-height pillow if you are a back sleepers. For side sleepers, higher pillows are recommended. Avoid sleeping on your stomach to prevent strain and stress on the spine.

Using wrong bags
Avoid carrying your bag on the same shoulder. To minimize chances of pain, switch sides frequently. Prefer lightweight backpack with two wide adjustable shoulder straps.

Lifting stuff improperly
The individuals who lift heavy weight improperly tend to suffer from back pain. Instead of bending the back, you must bend your knees while lifting the load.
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