Before looking for a headache remedy, one should understand the origin of the headache. Spinal manipulations have shown to decrease the severity and frequency of headaches, because they usually are due to a misaligned spine.

Poor posture or injury can force your vertebrae out of place and put pressure on the nerves. These nerves can send painful signals to the muscles surrounding the neck and cause a headache. The spinal manipulations straighten your spine and relax the muscles.

There are several types of headaches; including tension, migraine and cervicogenic. Most people experience the tension headache, which includes moderate pain on both sides of the head. It is often described as a pressure that is squeezing your head causing the pain. Migraines are more severe and are usually described as a throbbing pain.

Sometimes a migraine can cause nausea, loss of appetite, and in some cases vision difficulties. If you get migraine headaches regularly, keep a record of the foods you eat. You might notice that your headaches are caused by specific foods. The cervicogenic headache is related to the spine and causes most tension type headaches.

Not all headaches are cause by spinal misalignments but you should consult your chiropractor before you begin any treatments. Sometimes caffeine, lack of nutrients, stress, allergies, menstruation, or poor sleep habits can cause headaches. In some cases of reoccurring headaches the location of the pain can clue you into a more severe problem. A headache located above the right eye may indicate a liver problem. Pain at the top of your head could indicate a kidney problem or high blood pressure. If you experience pain at the back of the neck, high stress levels probably cause the headache.

Auto accidents can cause any type of injury that, in turn, will cause you to have from moderate to severe headaches.

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