Things to expect on your first chiropractor visit

Posted on: 07 March, 2019

Various patients are unaware of what to expect during their first chiropractor visit. If you are one of them, don’t worry. It’s completely normal and understandable. Through this blog post, we will discuss the things to expect when you visit family chiropractic in San Jose, California.

Booking an appointment

This is a pre-consultation stage where you have to book an appointment by filling the online form or by giving a call to the family chiropractic in San Jose.

Consultation and Patient Intake

After arriving at the center, a patient is asked to fill in a questionnaire. Apart from the contact details, the questionnaire consists of information related to the medical condition of the patient. A doctor assesses the medical history, along with the present health conditions.

Physical examination

The step that follows the patient intake is a physical examination. This involves testing of muscle strength, reflexes, blood pressure, the range of motion, and pulse. This stage also involves the use of X-ray and/or other diagnostic tools.

Treatment plan

The doctor prepares a treatment plan based on the diagnostics and medical history of the patient. The plan varies from patient to patient. It is possible that a plan can be modified based on the recovery.

First Chiropractic Adjustment

Usually, the patient receives the adjustment on the same day as their physical examination. The type of adjustment that a patient requires depends on their condition and diagnostics. The chiropractor guides you through the entire chiropractic adjustments. They also ensure you remain comfortable throughout the process.

Follow Up

The medical professional will inform when you need to visit them again for further treatment.

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