knee pain and squating

Knee Pain and Squatting

Here at your San Jose Chiropractor, Back to Back Chiropractic, we hear that doing a leg day to help strengthen the hip abductors and adductors along with gluteals as part of a core strengthening program often hurts the knees. Squatting done correctly should not hurt the knees and if squatting is hurting the knees it is typically being done wrong. The knees can be collapsing inward referred to as Valgus collapse or the knees can be going too far forward over the toes both causing stress on the passive knee structures and pain. If this is happening to you schedule an appointment at your San Jose chiropractor and we can do a motion analysis of your squat and start working to correct it today. These problems are usually do too form issues, and/or excessive internal rotation of the hip. This is caused by over active gastrocnemius, tibialis anterior and adductors and weak gluteals. Often some simple exercises, foam rolling therapy and kinesio taping can help to correct these to problems.