Choosing Back-Friendly Footwear

If you’ve been experiencing severe back pain, you might not necessarily think that your shoes are to blame. But actually, your feet are the foundation for your entire body. If there are biomechanical problems or misalignments in your foundation, then these problems will extend throughout your body, including your back. Visiting a family chiropractic clinic in San Jose is a good first step toward healthy lifestyle changes. Your chiropractor can provide hands-on relief and recommend footwear modifications if necessary.

severe back pain

Identifying Problematic Footwear

Doctors of chiropractic strongly urge patients to avoid wearing high heels. This type of footwear alters your center of gravity. To compensate, you will automatically position the spine in an unnatural alignment. If you frequently wear high heels, are much more likely to suffer from severe lower back pain and muscle tension. If you’re still finding it difficult to give up your high heels, your chiropractor will likely recommend sticking to one-and-a-half inch heels and wearing them as little as possible. Chiropractors also prefer to see patients avoid flip-flops. While they are all right for occasional wear, long-term flip-flop use can have adverse effects on your spine because of the lack of support. Similarly, while Crocs have more shock absorption than flip-flops, they tend to lack arch support.

Choosing Appropriate Footwear

Athletic shoes such as sneakers tend to be the most supportive footwear and the least likely to cause back pain. Even if you do not select athletic shoes, choose shoes that have a heel counter, which is the back of the shoe. This feature should be vertical, rather than tilted. Look for shoes with plenty of cushioning to provide added shock support. The arch support found in many running shoes is particularly ideal for chiropractic patients who have high arches.

Considering the Use of Orthotics

Your chiropractor may recommend that you try over-the-counter inserts or insoles. Some of them are labeled specifically for individuals with lower back pain. If these do not provide sufficient relief of your symptoms, consider visiting a podiatrist, who can make custom-fitted orthotics for you.