Kinesio Taping 101

If you’ve been injured, and you’re looking for methods of pain management near San Jose, then your chiropractor may be able to help you with the use of kinesio taping. This treatment method is based on kinesiology and the premise that with the right support, the body can heal itself. You have probably seen kinesio tape in use by athletes, identifiable as several pieces of tape that are applied on an area of the body. For a patient that is dealing with pain in the shoulder, for example, the tape may crisscross around the joint and neck area.

Kinesio taping is applied over painful or injured muscles, and its purpose is to minimize the body part’s inflammation and discomfort, as well as to help overused muscles relax and heal. This treatment method is nonrestrictive, allowing the patient to continue their normal activities and experience a full range of motion. For kinesio taping to be effective, it must be applied properly by someone with the right training, so speak with your chiropractor or other medical professional about your treatment.