Factors of Health

Health is a combination of factors including diet, sleep, and exercise which are all being pushed on by outside stresses . Exercising and eating properly do nothing for you if you are going to bed at 3 am and getting out of bed 2 hours later to start your day. Not only does exercise and diet choices affect your weight, metabolism and overall health so does the amount of sleep you get and amount of stress you are under. Both the last two factors have also now been shown to affect our dietary choices leading to unhealthy cravings. An all-night session leaves your body craving more calories the next day which leads to unhealthy gorging. Also, when a body is stressed it craves sugars to help reduce panic and anxiety this leads us to make unhealthy snack options. So you need to schedule workouts to help relax and de-compress, give yourself a specific time to be in bed in addition to making healthy food choices to remain at the top of your game.

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