Chiropractor More Than Adjusting Joints - A Whole Body Approach

What differentiates us from other chiropractors is that we do treat more than just “simply adjusting the joint”. We take the whole body into consideration. We look at the relationship between the muscles, the ligments and the joint itself… that relationship…that function. We try to counsel exercise and stretching so that instead of continuously having to come into the office, at some point you are better and can treat the condition yourself at home.

One thing we do with our patients, is we do not pigeon-hole them into a set routine for them coming into the office. Everybody reacts differently to treatment. We go at YOUR pace We believe in highly individualized treatment plans. If that means we treat 3 times and you do the stretching and the exercises and we don’t need to see you again, then your treatment plan would be 3 to 4 visits.

We try to tailor our treatment plans to the patient rather than tailor our patients to our treatment.

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