Work Related Injuries

Workman’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation cases are very unique and require very strong understanding of the requirements demanded by these specific cases. Sometimes, employers or insurance companies try to take advantage of injured victims and try to convince them the injury is not serious or tell them that they can only get a limited amount of benefits. They may even claim that the injured victim is faking the illness. Don’t let the insurance companies dictate what you need.

When you’ve been injured on the job, make sure you have a thorough assessment by doctor that are well trained in doing the proper physical exams and how to document and work with the insurance companies. If the claims are not made properly, they may be denied or delayed. Time is of the essence and details must be submitted within a certain timeframe. There are also very important details that need to be documented in regards to these cases and they also require very specific follow up care. Also, you will likely have an adjuster that will work with you directly in regard to your case and they will need specific things that an experienced worker’s compensation doctor can provide.

Our San Jose doctors are very familiar with these types of cases and work very well with the insurance companies. We have many years of experience with taking care of worker’s compensation patients and have had great success with getting them the treatment they need and the coverage they deserve.

Our doctors are also well aware of the legal rights of these victims and work closely with some of the best lawyers in the area if needed to get you the help that you need. Call us today (408) 269-222

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