Tips To Prevent Headaches

Posted on: 31 July, 2018

Though not dangerous in every case, a headache can often result in discomfort and hinder with your daily life activities. Numerous individuals look forward to headaches treatment San Jose. Well, as they say, preventing a disease is always better than curing it, we have listed some headache prevention tips you must follow.

Take Proper sleep

Less sleep is a problem, and so is too much of it. To avoid headaches, try sleeping for around seven to eight hours. Make sure you are comfortable while sleeping to avoid waking up after every few hours.

Avoid looking at bright screens the whole day

Perhaps you are already aware of the fact that gazing at your computer system, smartphone, and tablets for an entire day is harmful. A ten-minute break is recommended after every hour to prevent head-related issues. There are also several smartphone apps to avoid eye strain and headache caused due to it, such as Twilight (Android), Eye Pro (Windows), Nocturne (Mac), and ProtectYourVision (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox).

Use sunglasses with UV protection

Always buy polarized sunglasses having UVA or UVB protection. This keeps your brain’s thalamus protected from the sunshine so that you don’t suffer from a headache on a sunny day.

Eat and drink properly

Headaches are known to be triggered by heavy alcohol intake, pickled stuff, food additives, and caffeine. Therefore, keep a check on these items. Consume herbs that have magnesium. Also, drink lots of water.

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