Pes anserine bursitis or pet

Posted on: 30 March, 2017

Pes anserine bursitis or PET is the inflammation of the combined tendons of the semitendinosus, the sartorius and gracilis where they meet at the medial knee. This condition can be especially difficult to diagnose as the symptoms are very similar to an injury of the medial ligament. This bursa along with it’s associated tendons come together along the proximal medial tibia and thus diagnosis of pes anserine bursitis should be considered when there is spontaneous pain inferior and medial to the knee joint.

PET is often a self-limiting condition, which responds well to a regime of ice, anti-inflammatories and an exercise/stretching regime. If pain persist an evaluation by your San Jose Chiropractor, should be considered to rule out tibial stress fractures, medial ligament damage and medial meniscus tears. When home care has not helped your Chiropractor in San Jose should consider using a regime of cold laser and IASTM to reduce the inflammation. Kinesio tape should be used both to reduce the inflammation and to provide support for the tendons to reduce the friction as they rub over the bones of the leg. The tibial head can be adjusted to make sure it is in place and is not causing the irritation along with helping to reduce the inflammation. Then an evaluation should be performed to determine what activity is causing the irritation and a specific exercise regime given to strengthen the weak muscles that are contributing to the condition. A rolling and stretching routine should then be formulated to prevent adhesions and increase flexibility to limit the potential of re-injury. If you have any question please contact us here at Back to Back Chiropractic.

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