A Look At Chiropractic Assessment Of The Thoracic Spine

Posted on: 15 February, 2017

Although the thoracic spine doesn’t have as many issues as the lower back or neck, it can still cause pain. Your chiropractor in San Jose will assess your thoracic spine for misalignments or damage if you are experiencing pain in your middle back. Watch this video to learn how a chiropractor may assess your thoracic spine when you are having pain in your mid-back.

Because the thoracic spine is stabilized by the rib cage, your chiropractor will use your ribs to determine the right area of the spine on which to concentrate. He or she will feel for evidence of a spinal misalignment, such as stiffness around the thoracic vertebrae. Your chiropractor may also ask you questions about your symptoms, to determine if something like an accident injury could be causing them, before settling on a plan for pain management.

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