Is There A Link Between Your Shoe Choice And Back Pain?

Posted on: 15 March, 2017

Back pain is a common reason why people choose to see a chiropractor in San Jose. There are quite a few factors that can influence and cause this kind of discomfort, and one of them is one’s choice of footwear. Continue reading to learn about the possible link between your shoes and your back pain.

Flip Flops

With warmer temperatures on the way, you may be looking forward to getting back into your flip flops for summer. These warm weather shoes are a favorite among many, but did you know that they can contribute to back pain? First, most flip flops offer no support for your feet and ankles, plus they lack in cushioning. More importantly, flip flops cause you to walk abnormally, which can be bad for your back. To walk in flip flops, you must curl or pinch your toes to keep them on, your foot contracts in an abnormal way, and your stride is shortened. These factors can lead to lower back pain and stiffness. For these reasons, chiropractors advise patients not to wear flip flops too often. Although less damaging, regularly wearing flat shoes can also cause back pain.

High Heels

If you wear shoes that have a heel angle of more than one inch, then this will cause you to walk with your knees slightly bent and your back arched. In turn, this causes your quads to work harder, leads to tightened calf muscles, and adds a great amount of stress to your kneecaps. Like with flip flops, these changes in your posture can lead to back pain and tension.

Good Options

Now that you know to avoid wearing flip flops and high heels too often, you may be wondering which shoes are best for your back. Luckily, you have several options to consider. Running and athletic shoes are available in designs that can address a wide range of foot problems while offering great support. Also, any shoes that fit well and offer plenty of support can be a good option. Finally, consider asking your chiropractor if you could benefit from wearing custom orthotics.

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