Experience non-invasive relief from back pain with cold laser therapy

Posted on: 29 August, 2018

A lot of back pain patients looking for the best chiropractor in San Jose, California connect with the professionals from Back To Back Chiropractic. The positive outcomes of the treatment have encouraged others to connect with the chiropractors from this center. In conjunction with the spinal adjustment, the chiropractic professionals also offer treatment through cold laser.

Also known as Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), this form of treatment involves particular wavelengths of light that interacts with tissue to speed up the healing process. This is done by reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow.

The conditions it can cure

This treatment is effective in a number of medical conditions, some of which include arthritis, neck pain, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, and tendonitis, to name a few.

No side effects

One of the benefits of the cold laser is that it doesn’t come with any side effect. This is something you can’t expect from medications. Also, you need not rely upon surgery for the treatment. Instead of any pain, the patient experiences soothing warmth.

Even medication is not required, as cold laser, alone, is sufficient. You don’t have to consume opioids (pain reliever).

Due to positive results and other benefits, a lot of individuals especially ask the chiropractors to utilize this therapy.

If you, too, are looking for San Jose, a California-based chiropractor that offers LLLT, connect with us. Read about cold therapy in California from here: backtobackchiro.com. Or, call us at this number: (408) 269-2225.

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