Dr. Oz Demonstrates Some Stretches For Neck Pain

Posted on: 18 January, 2017

If you’ve been to a chiropractor in San Jose, CA, because of neck pain, he or she may have recommended lifestyle changes such as regular stretching. Stretching can helprehabilitate injuries and prevent future recurrences of musculoskeletal problems because it releases tension and improves flexibility. For a demonstration of some easy neck stretches, see your chiropractor or watch this featured video.

This video, presented by Dr. Oz, recommends standing up straight, lacing your hands behind your head, and pressing your head gently into your hands. Although the movement of the head is slight, this stretch can help restore the natural curve of the cervical spine. However, stretching at home is not a substitute for proper chiropractic care. If your pain persists or it develops after a car accident, you should see a chiropractor right away.

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