Chiropractors Vs. Physical Therapists: What’s the Difference?

Posted on: 13 September, 2018

Numerous individuals from San Jose, California often get confused between physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. They believe that these terms are used synonymously. In reality, these both are distinctive forms of therapies.

By performing chiropractic back adjustment, a chiropractor tries to offer relief against back and shoulder pain. These chiropractic adjustments can be a joint adjustment or soft tissue mobilization. Most of the professionals also include exercise and nutritional guidance in their therapy.

Physical therapists, on the other hand, involve gait training, muscle coordination, cardiovascular rehab, and all manual therapy techniques.

Talking about the diagnosis, chiropractors diagnose most of the medical conditions. Their diagnosis depends a lot on state law. Functional-related and musculoskeletal conditions are detected by physical therapists.

The chiropractors have to go through six to seven years of medical schooling before their practice. This involves three to four years undergraduate course, two to four years of education in chiropractic institute, and a year of residency.

Physical therapists also have to attend medical school for seven years, with three years of academic study followed by an accredited physical therapy program.

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