Posted on: 31 January, 2017

Here at your, San Jose Chiropractor, we mostly deal with conditions that involve inflammation and we try to reduce it with a number of manual procedures including adjusting. Chronic inflammation in conditions like tendonitis or a bursitis can often use more intervention though.

A healthy alternative to ibuprofen or naproxen is turmeric. Turmeric contain curcumin which inhibits molecules know to play a major role in the inflammatory process. Several studies have shown that it is comparable in efficacy to the above mentioned drugs without the side effects.

These studies typically use turmeric extracts with dosages or curcumin at levels above 1 gram a day. This will make it difficult to get the amount through putting the spice on your food and a supplement is likely needed. These anti-inflammatory properties also make it a good natural treatment for arthritis with the added benefit that it crosses the blood brain barrier and is known to reduce the pathological process of Alzheimer’s.

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