Sick Scapula

Posted on: 23 January, 2017

The SICK scapula is a condition characterized by:

  • S capula malposition
  • I nferior medial border prominence
  • C oracoid pain and malposition
  • K inesis abnormalities of the scapula

The condition presents as a drooping of the shoulder and is a contributing factor in many shoulder injuries. This condition is most prevalent in athletes preforming overhead tasks and abnormal positioning of the scapula will be visible. It will appear that the affected shoulder is lower when compared with the healthy one, when in fact there is actually a scapula malposition. This malposition consist of a scapular protraction combined with a forward tilt. This condition presents with anterior coracoid pain, localized posterior superior pain, pain at the AC joint and pain at the subacromial space. The pain is caused by chronic over tension at the muscular insertions by the abducted and protracted scapula. Here at Back to Back Chiropractic your San Jose Chiropractor we can help diagnosis and treat this condition for you.

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