Adhesive Capsulitis

Posted on: 25 January, 2017

Adhesive capitalistic or frozen shoulder is when your shoulder becomes painful with a loss of range of motion sometimes becoming completely frozen. The exact cause of the condition is unknown but scar tissue forming in the shoulder capsule is thought to play a role. The condition is self-limiting but without treatment, symptoms can last up to 3 years. Several treatment options exist for pain reduction and range of motion improvement and speed up your recovery from your San Jose chiropractor.

Your San Jose Chiropractor can also help you identify the various symptoms of frozen shoulder to make sure it is not some other condition that requires a different type of intervention. The symptoms mentioned above typically have three phases. Phase one occurs from 0 to 9 months and is constituted mainly of pain that is worse at night along with a gradual reduction of range of motion. Phase two starts as the pain starts to ease and the range of motion becomes severely limited to non- existent. In this phase shoulder muscle atrophy sometimes becomes apparent as they are not be used do to loss of motion. Phase three is the thawing phase taking anywhere from a year to three years and is when the shoulder pain completely disappears and the range of motion returns to normal. This time frame can be greatly reduced through treatment at your San Jose chiropractor to include manipulation, exercise, stretching and myofascial release.

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