The Emergence of Sitting Disease

If you recently visited your chiropractor in San Jose for back pain, then he may have mentioned a condition called sitting disease. Read on to learn about this emerging problem and what it could mean for your health. back - pain

What is sitting disease?

Sitting disease is the term that was coined for individuals whose health is affected by their sedentary lifestyle. Sitting for too much of the day can contribute to a host of health problems, in addition to a general lack of fitness. When you add up the time that you spend sitting at your desk at work, in your car while you drive, and in front of your TV or computer at home, the hours can quickly add up.

What does sitting disease mean for your health?

Research is illuminating the negative impact that sitting for long periods can have on a person’s health by linking physical inactivity with conditions like cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. Furthermore, many people who have desk jobs do not maintain good posture while sitting, leading to additional problems, like sciatica, neck pain, and lower back pain.

What can you do to fight sitting disease?

The best way to combat the effects of this condition is to get up and be more active. Whether you choose to take a walk around the block each day or to start a yoga or running regimen, any activity that gets you on your feet and out of your chair can be helpful. For some people, their job can make it difficult to stop sitting throughout the day. Luckily, there are plenty of steps that these individuals can take to get out of their chair and move a bit while at work or in front of the computer at home. By simply standing and doing some easy stretches for 10 minutes out of every hour that you sit, you can fight the negative health effects of being desk-bound. Additionally, to improve the nature of your time spent as your desk, chiropractors advise that you choose an ergonomic chair and desk that promote both comfort and good posture.