The Benefits of Stand-Up Workstations

Do you suffer from shoulder, neck, or lower back pain? If so, then your chiropractor in San Jose may ask you how much time you spend in a chair at work. If you normally sit for long periods, then he may recommend the use of a stand-up workstation. This type of desk setup offers individuals several ergonomic benefits. neck - pain

Fend Off the Effects of Sitting Disease

As increasing evidence becomes available regarding the health benefits of sitting less and standing more, researchers are learning that the more time people spend sitting, the more at risk they might be for conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Standing desks can save office workers and individuals who work from home from spending an unhealthy amount of time in their desk chairs.

Lower Your Risk for Obesity

Studies have shown that people who stand up and move more are less likely to gain weight than those who spend more time sitting. While this may seem like a common sense conclusion, it’s important to realize that many people are becoming more sedentary as it becomes easier to take care of daily tasks without ever leaving their chair. When you stand instead of sit, not only do you gain the benefits of getting out of your chair, but you might also move around more throughout the day and reduce your risk for weight gain.

Improve Your Health Long-Term

Because sitting less and standing more can decrease your risk for several life-threatening conditions, using a standing desk can also lower your mortality risk long-term. Studies have found that how much time a person spends sitting strongly correlates with the individual’s chance of dying within a given length of time.

Reduce Your Risk for Pain

Poor posture while sitting and working at a desk is a common cause of neck, shoulder, and lower back pain, and sitting for long periods can cause or aggravate sciatica. For these reasons, chiropractors often advise patients to practice good posture while sitting, and to see if using a standing a stand-up workstation provides them relief from their symptoms.