How Weight Gain Affects Your Back

Obesity has been linked to a broad range of health conditions, but many people don’t realize that gaining weight can cause them to experience back problems. For this reason, if you are overweight and suffer from lower back pain, then your chiropractor in San Jose may recommend a weight loss program in addition to treatment for pain management.

The American Obesity Association states that episodes of muscle pain are commonly reported in close to a third of all obese Americans. Furthermore, lower back pain, in particular, can frequently be caused by weight gain due to the way that extra weight on the stomach can pull the pelvis forward and put added strain on the lower back.

Because of the strong link between back pain and weight gain, your chiropractor is likely to factor your weight into your overall treatment plan. If you are overweight and suffer from back pain, consider working with your doctor to develop a diet and exercise regimen that is suitable for your current level of health and fitness.

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