Tendinitis is an injury that most often occurs with an impact injury or overuse of a tendon, the tissue that attaches the bone to the muscle, then becomes inflamed and irritated. Further damage then occurs when the body is unable to repair the tendon and the condition becomes chronic.

As tendonitis is most often caused by repetitive stress your chiropractor in San Jose’s first job is to help you identify the offending action. The activity should then be altered or avoided until the healing process can be completed. The next step in treatment is to relieve the swelling and pain whenever you are experience it. Your, San Jose chiropractor should use a combination of techniques including cold laser, kinesio taping, icing and adjusting to accomplish this.

As the inflammation and pain are reduced your chiropractor in San Jose should then start to include therapies that will return function and strengthen the injured area. Firstly, range of motion must be returned so that the body’s normal biomechanics can be restored. This then allows for the muscles attaching to the tendons to be strengthened. This has been shown to not only further reduce symptoms but it can help prevent further injury. This will be accomplished through your San Jose chiropractor uses of stretching, exercise and taping techniques along with the continued use of adjustments to control any return of inflammation. As the inflammation is eliminated, the range of motion and strength have been restored normally activities should be returned to and modified if necessary to prevent future injury.