Rotator Cuff Tendonitis?

Your chiropractor in San Jose will use the following symptoms and characteristics to determine if you have a rotator cuff tendinopathy. They will palpate in the area of the four rotator cuff tendons pain and tenderness located in the shoulder-joint that is dull in nature. Your active range of motion will also be examined for pain especially in elevation of the shoulder and abduction, patients unable to reach higher than 90°, are likely suffering this condition. An MRI can be useful in the diagnosis of this condition as it can pin point the specific tendon or tendons that are affected it can also be used to discover if there is a tear or not. Other indicators are of this condition are that your ADLs have become quite painful. The onset of pain was not likely sudden but has gradually increased over time. You will often also have experienced weakness of your shoulder and immobility to move. This condition should be diagnosed and treated before further damage can be done.

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