Cellular Benefits IATSM

IASTM or instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation has been shown to have multiple benefits including reduction of scar tissue increased vascular response and the remodeling of unorganized collagen fibers. Recent studies have also shown benefits at the cellular level with the increase of fibroblast proliferation following IATSM treatment. Fibroblasts are an important cell in the regeneration and maintenance cycle of soft tissue. Fibroblasts synthesize the extracellular matrix which contains elastin, collagen and proteoglycans and other substances necessary for soft tissue repair. Fibroblasts also act as mechano receptors detecting forces such as torque, shear, and compression and creating a mechano chemical response helping our body to process the physical strains we put on it. Here at Back to Back Chiropractic, your San Jose chiropractor we feel this is an important aspect of helping to heal quickly and successfully.

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