Foam Rolling

A big trend in rehabilitation right now is mobility and that is because if you can not move properly you can not return to your normal activities of daily living. As patients are released to home exercise and stretching programs foam rolling and other forms of tissue release are what is often being prescribed. These types of treatments are not likely actually releasing the tissue as studies have shown it takes about 9000 Newtons of force to deform the ITB band. So what is happening when you go home and foam roll is that you are helping to get your tissues to glide properly over top of each other. There are also neurological effects of foam rolling when Golgi tendon organs inside the muscle bellys are stimulated. These receptors monitor the tension/contraction with in a muscle and respond accordingly. After an injury muscles often become over facilitated or inhibited due to faulty information the brain is getting from these receptors and foam rolling can acts as a reset for these receptors. If you have any questions about foam rolling please do not hesitate to contact your chiropractor in San Jose, Back to Back Chiropractic at 408-269-2225.