How Severe Back Pain Can Impact Your Life

Living with back pain can feel like a continuous, uphill battle. If you are suffering from severe back pain near San Jose, seeking treatment for your symptoms can help prevent your pain from affecting your life. When left untreated, back pain symptoms can take a toll on your emotions, relationships, and self-esteem back - pain

Emotional Health

When you first notice lower back pain, the sensations can be irritating and aggravating, and you may ignore your symptoms after dismissing them as a passing ache. Over time, however, chronic back pain can have a greater impact on your life than occasional discomfort. Living in chronic pain is draining on your body and can affect your emotions. Because your symptoms interfere with many aspects of your life, such as working and sleeping, your severe back pain can lead to feelings of depression, irritability, and anxiety.

Social Life

Because severe lower back pain can develop slowly, it can be difficult to notice how much it impacts your life. When pain symptoms first start, people might cancel plans with friends or pass on playing sports with their children because of their back. While missing out on a few social situations may not be too detrimental, if your pain continues and worsens, it is likely to have a significant effect on your relationships. Each time you choose to stay home because of your back pain, rather than spend time with your friends or family, you allow your symptoms to impact and guide your social life.


Severe back pain can be debilitating and exhausting. If your back is left untreated, you may find yourself shying away from activities that you once loved and pursued regularly. When your back pain begins to put limits on your lifestyle and capabilities, it can start to impact your esteem and sense of self-worth. If you are dealing with severe back pain, it is essential to realize that your back pain does not define your identity. Instead of living with the pain and allowing it to negatively impact your life, consider seeking treatment that may alleviate your symptoms.