Ankle Pain

A common cause of knee, hip and low back pain is loss of ankle range of motion, especially if dorsiflexion is impacted. For, as the body loses motion in one area it often compensates by become hypermobile in another area so that the desired movement can be continued. This loss of motion is the body’s way of dealing with injury by creating stability for the effected muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones of the ankle. As motion in the ankle decreases the body’s ability to capture energy from fascial stirrup created by the tibialis anterior and the fibularis is reduced decreasing propulsion and the ability to control deceleration. These forces must then be generated and or absorbed by the joints above it leading to overuse type injuries.

At Back to Back Chiropractic, your San Jose Chiropractor the first step in dealing with this type of issues is to adjust the ankle joint to re-introduce motion to the area. After this motion has been re-introduced the body must be re-taught how to use this motion properly so the body does not just re lock down the joint. This is accomplished by teaching resistance band work and wobble board exercises to regain eccentric and concentric control of the ankle joint. Kinesio tape will be applied to help re pattern the way the body deals with the forces from foot strike including muscle activation and mechano and proprioceptive inputs to the nervous system. Pallof Press exercises will also be conducted to increase the anti-rotation control of the ankle which is very important in deceleration. After 4-8 treatments you will hopefully then have the tools to keep your ankle joint mobile and stable and eliminating your knee, hip and low back issues
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