Common Causes of Shoulder Instability

Your shoulder is the most movable joint in your body and because of this, it’s particularly vulnerable to instability. If you suffer from pain in your shoulder in San Jose, then you may be dealing with shoulder instability. This condition is typically characterized by pain, discomfort, repetitive shoulder dislocations, and a sensation of the shoulder being loose or giving out.

One common cause of shoulder instability is trauma to the arm. When the shoulder is forced out of its socket due to an accident or injury, it becomes more vulnerable to future dislocations. The more severe the initial dislocation, the more likely the shoulder is to suffer from future problems. Overuse is another source of shoulder instability, with common causes being sports like tennis, volleyball, and swimming. In these patients, the overuse can lead to a loosening of the ligaments that leaves the shoulder unstable. Additionally, some individuals are born with shoulder ligaments that are naturally looser than other people’s.

If you suffer from shoulder instability, then consider taking advantage of chiropractic care. Chiropractors can often treat instability and provide shoulder pain relief through stretches, strengthening exercises, and joint manipulation.

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