Types of low bak pain

Types of Low Back Pain

There are generally two types of low back pain acute low back pain and chronic low back pain. Both of these conditions can be typically treated and/or managed successfully with chiropractic care.

Acute low back pain is typically mechanical in origin and is usually the result of an injury lasting between a few days and several weeks. Bouts of acute low back pain can also be caused by flare ups of disorders such as D.J.D and disc desiccation. Symptoms of acute low back range from dull aching muscles to sharp stabbing pain in the low back. These pains are accompanied with a loss of flexibility and or a loss of range of motion. The pain from this type of injury is often diffuse and does not often radiate. The key with acute low back injury is to get it treated quickly so it does not become a chronic pain syndrome.

Chronic low back by contrast is defined as low back pain lasting more than 3 months. This can be caused by non or improperly treated acute low back pain, various form of arthritis, disc herniation or prolapse and many other progressive conditions. With chronic low back pain seeing a chiropractor and establishing a management strategy is the most important thing to keep flare ups to a minimum.

I encourage you to research this information more yourself and make an educated decision in how you treat your low back pain. We here at Back to Back Chiropractic would love to be of assistance to in any way we can help.

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