The Advanatages of Morning Exercise

Advantages of a Morning Workout

A morning workout is often easier to make routine and predictable, as oppose to afternoon and evening workouts as the rigors, problems and responsibilities of the day are less likely to interfere with it. Furthermore, after a full day’s worth of activities a person’s motivation level can be seriously sapped no matter how good are intentions to get to the gym are.

Early morning workouts have also been shown to be a good option for a goodnights sleep when compared to evening exercise. This is because exercise increases heart rate and body temperature and studies show that a raise in these after 8 pm can make it difficult to fall asleep.

Another study found that 45 minutes of exercise at between 50% and 70% of maximum heart rate helped reduce appetite. It also showed that people use 20% more body fat when doing fasted Cardio which is always easier to do in the morning than at night.

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