Sciatica In San Jose CA

Various sources report that sciatica is one of the most frequent symptoms that people are seen brought to the emergency room in San Jose with. Millions of people suffer with sciatic pain without ever finding a permanent cure. Most people take pain killers and try and wait out the pain, unfortunately they could be making things worse.

Sciatica, can come in many forms from an annoying discomfort radiating down the leg all the way to a severe pain with muscle wasting and loss of sensation. The symptoms are usually one sided and radiate from the low back into the affect leg sometimes reaching as far down as the foot. The symptoms usually become more intense as the condition progresses.

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and is about the diameter of your thumb. The nerve starts in your low back and comes off of the all 5 lumbar levels. The nerve then traces a path through various structures inervating the entire lower part of the body. This intricate path means the nerve can be trapped at various points along the way making the cause of the condition difficult to determine. Doctors of chiropractic in San Jose are specially trained and are experts in diagnosing this type of condition.

Therefore, before turning to medication and surgery and the risks associated with these options, call Back to Back Chiropactic in San Jose we can help to relieve your pain. If You have any further questions call and schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors.

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