Headaches and Chiropractic

Chiropractic and Headaches

Headaches come in many forms, from occasional to frequent, from dull and irritating to blinding and debilitating. If you suffer from any of these types of headaches you are not alone as 9/10 americans suffer from headaches. Research has proven that chiropractic spinal manipulation is a very effective treatment for tension headaches that often arise from the neck.

Here at your San Jose chiropractor, Back to Back Chiropractic we can perform cervical adjustments to improve spinal function and motion relieving the stress on your cervical structures causing the headache. Furthermore, your San Jose Chiropractor, at Back to Back Chiropractic can help make ergonomic, exercise and stretching recommendations to help prevent reoccurring joint irritation and muscle spasm in neck and shoulder which leads to these headaches becoming chronic. We can also help analyze your diet and vitamin intake to ensure these have not become triggers for your headaches.

We would love to help you here at your San Jose chiropractor, Back to Back Chiropractic so call us at 408-269-2225 with any of your headache questions.

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