Chiropractic Care for Migraines

chiropractic care for migraines, headache chiro, san jose chiroMany people who suffer from migraine headaches reach for a pain reliever when they feel the debilitating symptoms. However, there is an effective, drug-free way to treat chronic headaches. Consider visiting a chiropractor for holistic migraine pain management near San Jose. Even though chiropractic is typically associated with relief of joint pain or sciatica, this healing art also works well for headaches because they are a condition that involves the nervous system. Chiropractic care can reduce the severity of migraines and decrease the frequency at which they occur.

Chiropractors can help migraine sufferers in two ways. First, muscle tension and restricted movement of the neck, shoulders, and upper back can sometimes contribute to the onset of migraine symptoms. Secondly, the migraines themselves can contribute to tension and restricted movement in these areas. By releasing musculoskeletal tension, chiropractors can help treat migraines. Chiropractic care is also appropriate for patients who suffer from other types of headaches, such as those caused by whiplash from an auto accident.

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