Chiropractic and Whiplash

A common occurrence after a whiplash injury is for victims to suffer from chronic neck pain. Here at your San Jose Chiropractor, Back to Back Chiropractic, we will use a patient’s history and Physical exam to determine who is more susceptible to chronic neck pain and headaches from whiplash injuries.

Initially chiropractic management of whiplash will concentrate on the reduction of subjective and objective symptoms such as pain and inflammation. This then allows the patient to start to return to their normal activities of daily living and begin the second phase of treatment. In this Phase of treatment the focus of treatment will shift toward restoration of normal function of the cervical spine. This must be managed carefully with a gradual transition to activities so as re injury does not occur but in a fashion that full pain free function does return. Exercises must also be included in this phase of care to eliminate instability and faulty movement patterns .

Instilling confidence and placing focus on activities that a patient can do is the next major part of dealing with chronic pain and disability prevention. Here at your San Jose Chiropractor, Back to Back Chiropractic we will integrate all these strategies to get you back to health quickly without residual effects. If you have any further questions regarding your whiplash injury please do not hesitate to contact us at 408-269-2225.

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