A Look at Seatbelt Injuries

chiropractic, seatbelt injuryChiropractic practices near San Jose often see patients who suffer from shoulder pain and other symptoms caused by a car accident. It’s well known that in a car accident, seatbelts can save lives. However, it’s perhaps less widely known that the seatbelts themselves can sometimes cause injuries. The force of the impact thrusts a person’s body against the seatbelt. This can result in severe back pain, along with chest and abdominal injuries.

As a result of seatbelt injuries, a chiropractor may diagnose a car crash victim with misaligned vertebrae and other misaligned bones. Patients may complain of muscle or nerve pain that lingers long after the car crash. In severe cases, seatbelt injuries may even include damage to the internal organs. Rib fractures, blunt bowel trauma, and myocardial contusion – or heart damage – are other possible injuries that may occur from the force of a seatbelt during a car accident. In many cases, victims of seatbelt injuries can find relief of pain and improvement of range of motion with the help of chiropractic care.

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