Is Your Laptop Giving You a Hunched Back? Chiropractor's Advice

If you are using a laptop for long periods of time or at your computer for your job,please listen to this. Dr. Chivers as among many in warning about the danger of laptop use.

A common problem is perching your laptop on the legs and staring down at the screen. This obviously is putting strain on the neck and back. In many cases the curve of your spine is effected. We are talking more than just neck and back pain here!

We have even heard that back specialists have claimed that a large percentage of patients have chronic nerve damage precisely because improper use of a laptop. You can do your research on this, but listening to this short video is a good place to start.

Portable computers, tablets, and smartphones are damaging the health of most of the people who use them for extended periods of work, and we could be in for an epidemic of 'iPad neck'. Jack Schofield

There are precautions you can take and create a safe way of using your laptop. You can read excerpts of this conversation here