Chiropractor's Advice On How to Use Your Laptop Safely Avoiding Neck & Back Issues

Excerpt from the interesting discussion about the use of laptops by Dr. Chivers:

(you can listen to the whole entire conversation in previous post)

We've had just a real rash recently of people who are developing neck and upper back problems. As the office place changes and you don't have a prescribed office anymore or cubicle. You go and you just set your laptop up in the one of various areas at the office. You carry your laptop around and use it on the way to work and have work from home scenarios where you're working from home several days a week.

The convenience of a laptop is excellent. If you're going to sit there and work at it for hours it's really, really important that you get a different monitor or if you are using the laptop monitor make sure that it's at eye level so that you're looking across the middle of the screen. You're not constantly, for hours, sitting with your head tilted down or tilted up. That develops a lot of mid-neck problems.

Most laptops, even the bigger ones, the keyboard is much smaller than a standard keyboard. You have to bring your hands in to use it. That continuous hunching of the shoulders leads to all kinds of problems in the upper thoracic area. It then becomes really important you get a wireless, a regular keyboard, and set that up in a keyboard tray at a desk so that you're sitting and working at that station correctly.

Working at a laptop continually leads to all kinds of problems. Headaches. Although chiropractic care really does help with easing the symptoms you really don't want to keep going in over and over and over again when you're recreating the problem every day.

Is Your Laptop Giving You a Hunched Back Advice From Chiropractor